Life Regression

Some people are interested in using past-life regression using hypnotherapy to find out who they were and what they did in a previous life; others see it as a way of enhancing their spirituality; most people see it as a therapy to treat phobias or other problems that can arise when a particularly traumatic event, often death, has been carried over and is effecting this life.

Past-life regression allows you to explore the possibilities of your previous lives. The key to your present life issues may begin there.

Exploring your past-lives in a safe, nurturing and professional way can heal, release and shift issues, phobias, improve relationships and enhance physical as well as emotional well being.


What is Past-life Regression? There are four basic theories

Do I need to believe in past lives for the therapy to work?
Absolutely not. What is very evident is that PLR is an incredibly useful therapeutic tool that can bring about beneficial and healing change with impressive immediacy. The improvement to both emotional and physical well being can be quite profound and satisfying.

Indeed, it was experiencing the profound benefits of just one session of PLR that led Jamie to make a dramatic career change and study and qualify to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.